No-Content & Low-Content Publishing Blueprint Course

No-Content & Low-Content Publishing Blueprint Course

No-Content & Low-Content Publishing Blueprint Course

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This is a complete step by step course in which I talk about all my publishing strategies. The goal with this course is to give you a proven step-by-step blueprint to follow for scaling your No-Content & Low-Content publishing business.

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➡️  What You Will Learn
(Course is up to date as of July 1st 2021)
  • My exact updated niche, keyword and design research process
  • My different Amazon Advertising strategies for Low Content and No Content Books that I have never revealed on YouTube.  (I personally think this module would bring the most value as marketing is really important and often overlooked or done wrong)
  • I reveal some of my most profitable niches  (The purpose is not to spoon feed but to give a starting point for your own research)
  • I cover both fundamentals and advanced concepts - will bring tons of value whether you're a beginner or an experienced publisher 
  • How I developed the winning mindset that enabled me to scale my publishing business to where it's at today. (The topic of mindset is something I used to roll my eyes over however, it definitely plays a huge role in being successful with any business, not just publishing)
  • Design systems, fundamentals and tutorials for making beautiful covers and interiors
  • How I'm approaching Q4 2021


➡️  More Reasons to Join 

  • Get access to a very private Facebook group with myself and other course members (Make sure to use the group search feature to search for your questions before posting it. Most likely it has already been asked before)
  • Get to be mentored by me personally (I can analyse your ads, analyse where you're going wrong and answer your queries through FB messenger. I get a lot of personal messages so it might take time for me to reply however I make sure to get to every message that I get)
  • Living course - I'll keep adding and updating content regularly so that it's never outdated
  • Regular Live Q/A sessions 


➡️  Requirements 

  • People determined to take their publishing business to the next level
  • People not expecting to be spoon fed 


➡️  Reviews From Members (Most are actual posts from the private group and can be easily verified)